Take What You Can Get

by Head Spell

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The future holds bright, when we learn from mistakes.
Resolving the conflicts, we had made on the way.
All that is golden, is not what it seems.
Take what you can get, and then you'll be free.


released November 17, 2017

Engineered / mixed by Billy Mannino @ VuDu Studios in Port Jefferson, NY.
Additional engineering by Dominic Nastasi.
Mastered by Adam Cichocki @ Timber Studios in Bayonne, NJ.
Album artwork by Corey Purvis.
All songs written by Head Spell.

Head Spell is:
Zack Dondey
Conor McKeown
Jonathan Arocho
Sean Kelsey


all rights reserved



Head Spell Pocono Summit, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: I've Been Better
Gathering remnants of the past
Like trying to piece together broken glass
I wish I could find bliss in reminiscing
But I can't shake the feeling that something missing

Or maybe it was never there
Our contentment got lost between all the blank stares
My hands, outstretched, looking for something to hold onto
But I couldn't keep my grips on...

Tearing at the "remember when's"
Feel a sense of regret as every shred falls to the floor
Still every morning, the sun shines through my door
But your jacket is gone; I won't see you anymore
(I should've known it's easier to let go)
Track Name: Resolve
Looking back, it makes no sense
It's like I had a whirlwind stuck in my head
Sending my thoughts in all directions
Kept me from ever finding my own bed

I guess you could say I was forced to change
The situation rearranged, and it put me in my place
But it's safer to say that I wanted to change
To break the chains that kept me attached to my old ways

I convinced myself that it had to end
I just wanted to feel real again
Track Name: Featherweight
You're getting thin
Soon you'll be transparent
I'm starting to be able to see right through you so easily

You've spent
your whole life listening
To all of the subtle sounds of advice
But you never learned a single thing

Never could admit, that you were ever wrong

I'm bent on forgetting all the nights spent hiding in your basement
I'm over it, could never get any sleep
I kept on staring at the cracked cement, getting lost in the words that I never meant
Making promises that I couldn't ever keep

So stay quiet, don't speak
Because to me, you're only worth the weight of the secrets that you keep
When I get back home
I'll stay awake and contemplate every misstep and every mistake

Breathe easy, pull my heart out of my chest tonight
Because I know you know how I love to feel empty
And it seems that you're losing all the light in your eyes
Track Name: Shut-In
I spent my whole life with my hands tied behind my back and
I'm letting everything fly over my head

I want to know how hard
It is to get back to
All of the best parts
Sleeping on a couch never meant for two

Can you tell me what it feels like to be whole again?
i'm cutting holes in the fence I tried to mend
I always seem to break before I start to bend

I spent my whole life with my hands tied behind my back and
I'm letting everything fly over my head
There's no point in second chances
So I'm counting down the seconds
Until I come to realize
There's bliss living in negligence

Delay the process
Ask where the time went
Try to find the difference
Between what's right and what's important

Tell me what it feels like, to be whole again
Track Name: Playing Pretend
I've been biting
At the brick to see how long it takes to break my teeth
but the foundation we built was never strong enough to hold ourselves up

It's been a few days
I still find it hard to speak out your name
Your chest was heavy with all the things that you chose to never say

Could you tell me how it felt
When you decided to let it all out?

Oh, why did I do this again?
Coloring in all of the dents
Just to cover up how great I am at playing pretend
But how could you say that I'm the one to blame?
I only followed the rules to the game
That you taught me how to play

Sit back and let it sink
You're really not as much of a victim
As you think

Could you tell me how it felt
When you decided to let it all out?
If you could only practice what you preach
You seem to think you've set yourself
so far out of reach
But we both know you would've done the same thing as me

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